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Consensus Committee Application Form

Do not close the web browser until the application is complete and submitted. All data will be lost if the browser is closed prior to submitting the application.

Part I: General Information

  1. Type of Application:

    1. Choose if this application is for an Organization (e.g., company, association, government agency, etc.), or for an individual representing themselves.
    2. If this is an organizational application, choose if this application is for the Principal or an Alternate Representative for the organization.
    3. Select the Interest Category for this applicant. Applicants representing entities that can be classified in more than one Interest Group Category, one of which is a Producer Interest, are assigned to the Producer Interest Category. Individuals representing entities that can be classified in the General Interest and User Interest Categories are assigned to the User Interest Category.

    Representative Type:  
    Interest Category:  

    General Interest (G):
    Represents Academia, Consumers, and Government Regulatory Agencies.

    Producer Interest (P):
    Represents a Distributor, Labor, Manufacturer, Material Association, Standards Promulgator, Testing Laboratory, and Utility.

    User Interest (U):
    Represents a Builder, Contractor, Applied Research Laboratory, Building Owner, Design Professional, Government Non-Regulatory, Insurance Company, Private Inspection Agency, and Product Certification/Evaluation Agency.
      Note: The final determination of the Interest Category is made by the Secretariat.

  2. Representative / Individual Applicant Information:

    Complete the following information on yourself. Note: If representing a different organization, the Organization Information (Question #3) must also be completed.

    Applicant Full Name:  
    Applicant Title:  
    Applicant Company:  
    Applicant Street Address:  
    Applicant City:  
    Applicant State:  
    Applicant Zip +4:  
    Applicant Phone:  
    Applicant Cell Phone:
    Applicant Fax:
    Applicant Email Address:
    Applicant Email Address Confirmation:
    Applicant Web Address:

  3. Organization Information:

    Complete the following information on the organization making this application.

    Write 'Same' in the 'Organization Name' field, if represented organization is the same as Applicant Company listed in Question 2.

    Organization Name:  
    Organization Main Contact Name:
    Organization Main Contact Title:
    Organization Street Address:
    Organization City:
    Organization State:
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    Organization Web Address:

  • Are you authorized to vote on behalf of the organization that you will be representing?

    Select one:  

  • Will you be instructed on how to vote?

    Select one:  

  • The consensus committee process is expected to consist of 1 face to face meeting and the rest of the work will be completed by conference call/webinar. Would you be able to participate in this manner?:

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